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Pleasure on deletion

Have you ever wonder how difficult is to delete some code in your service? Recently I watched  The art of destroying software by Greg Young which is a good starting point to think about something that have been ringing around my current work place: "delete code is good". Nowadays micro-services and distributed systems are trending topic in software development. It seem like if you are doing the micro-services way then you are in the right path or at least in the modern path. In my opinion is more about: Know well enough the responsibilities  of each part of you system Keep good balance of coupling and cohesion As consequence be able to Delete Code  Because when you have those then you can go and delete part ( or complete) of a service because: is not need anymore, want to kill some technical debt or even for the fun of recreate it from scratch with different approaches. At the end you are going to have the same system from business perspective but with less code to

Socrates Canaries 2017

The past week ( April, 6-9th ) I had the honor to be a participant in the SoCraTes Canaries 2017 , the Software Craftsmanship and Testing conference. Almost three days full of experiences that helped us to become better people and better crafts(wo)men. It was my first time in a Socrates Conference and also first time in an  Open Space conference format. This are the strong points I would like to remark: Open Space or Unconference People willing to share and open to learn Software side talks ( like: liquid modernity, mental health, time management, ... ) English as default language The Venue Networking It's amazing how the unconference flows leading by our own goods, filling the talk slots by the spontaneous willing to learn something new and/or to share knowledge, experiences and/or learned lessons. Something that shocked me, in a good way, that talks did not need to be prepared, if needed we just improvised so we all learn/share.  All the talks, workshops, mob ses