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Europython 2018 - Part I

Last July I had the opportunity to attend the Europython Conference. It had been 4 years since the last time I attended Europython but the experience was again amazing. I highlight 3 things:  Spending time with TrustYou team, learning more about Python and the Community, and having the experience of improvising a lightning talk being a bad speaker but still a good way to give back to the community. I'll go through some of the talks I have attended and provide some summary of my learnings. In this post, I summarize half of them ( you can see the others in the Part II blog post about to come ) Technologies to master parallelism in Python by Shailen Sobhee Even though the title is misleading (I find it difficult to master something by only taking a workshop), I liked it and it helped me to recall and discover some insights in parallel executions in Python. Some topics that we played with: Multithreading Multiprocessing Joblib Dask This image gives an overview of th