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Baby steps

I have two kids and nowadays they cannot stop running, jumping, and spreading energy all around. A few years ago the running and jumping skills weren't part of their toolbox, they crawled and step by step they learned to walk. Do you have kids? Do you have nephews or kids in your neighborhood? Have you stopped for a second and think thought carefully about how what the process of learning to walk is? Let’s imagine for a second your baby is crawling. Don’t be scared if you are not a parent, just bear with me and imagine you are sitting on your couch in the living room, your baby stops crawling just in front of you. She looks at you, sits down and from there tries to stand up and poooom, she is pushed back by her own body and gets to sit down again. She tries without success multiple times but never gives up until fatigue overcomes her. The next day she doesn’t feel defeated at all, she is fully energized to try again to stand up on her feet. After 5 minutes you see yourself holding

Some books I have read in 2020

Here are some books I have read during 2020. I hope some of them can be useful for you. [Re-visited] The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey A book I like to have in my pocket and re-check from time to time. There are innumerable occasions when as a manager you feel you are not managing well enough your time or as a person you are not focusing on the essential. The 2020 pandemic has given me the chance to see what’s essential and fundamental for my life multiple times in a single year. Habit 3 ( Put first things first ) and 4 ( Think win-win ) were walking with me throughout this last year. Even really difficult situations become more manageable through putting first things first and by keeping a positive and win-win attitude. For example, a common scenario for parents was having the kids at home while they need to do home office. What a great opportunity to spend more time with your kids, to understand better how they would behave in a classroom by doing home-schoolin