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Understanding before

The feeling of pride of belonging to the university you studied at sounds like a common thing worldwide. But what if your university was in a 3rd world country, with poor/none internet access and lack of resources? Would we feel the same? Well ... YES. The University of Havana taught me to code without internet, something that I'll always appreciate because it forces me to really understand what's behind each line of code I write. I hope to keep this custom as long as possible. In our first years in "La Colina" my classmates and I wrote most of the software in paper sheets or in a lab at midnight, without internet but having us as the community to throw questions and catch answers. We were our own StackOverflow. This situation forced us somehow to consult books instead of surfing the internet, to figure out solutions instead searching them; taught us (or at least taught me) do not provide solutions or code that we don't understand, as an effect of being unable