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Slides: De .Net a Python

Slides que utilizamos para nuestra presentación en CommitConf 2018. También se pueden ver  aquí Video:

A brief history about agile transformation

By re-reading a post from a friend of the honey-badger tribe , I realized how much in common it has with a known situation experienced in a recent past. Imagine you join a team in the following situation: Unclear processes and workflow Lack of knowledge about the product Team executing decisions taken by others Vague software development practices Also, within this context, imagining you receiving a great market opportunity which requires deliver something with a fixed deadline. Looks like a case to continue doing what's done in the past to avoid taking risk of failure, but off course leaving the same picture as above regarding team processes. There is always the chance to be counterintuitive and use this greenfield project to boost the team processes to another level. The good thing is to have an organization aware of this issues and the willingness to support any change that improves the way they work. So, having this context, the willing to improve it and a dea

PyConES 2018

Last weekend (October 5-7) I attended, together with some colleagues from TrustYou , the PyConES conference in Málaga. Like in PyConES-2017 , this was an opportunity to meet again with the python community, meet new people and companies, meet with former colleagues and friends as well as browse the challenges they face. All this around a common denominator that in this case is Python. Some of the talks look interesting to me: Keynote by Héctor Socas Navarro Hector Socas is a physics at The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias(IAC) and he shows us some cutting edge challenges that Astrophysics is facing nowadays and how the technology is playing a key role in those. It was amazing to learn about the marvellous things about the Universe and see how Python is helping those things. Back to Basics: NLP by Claudia Guirao I especially liked this talk of the Data Science track because the speaker managed to explain the concepts using a friendly language so the

Europython 2018 - Part I

Last July I had the opportunity to attend the Europython Conference. It had been 4 years since the last time I attended Europython but the experience was again amazing. I highlight 3 things:  Spending time with TrustYou team, learning more about Python and the Community, and having the experience of improvising a lightning talk being a bad speaker but still a good way to give back to the community. I'll go through some of the talks I have attended and provide some summary of my learnings. In this post, I summarize half of them ( you can see the others in the Part II blog post about to come ) Technologies to master parallelism in Python by Shailen Sobhee Even though the title is misleading (I find it difficult to master something by only taking a workshop), I liked it and it helped me to recall and discover some insights in parallel executions in Python. Some topics that we played with: Multithreading Multiprocessing Joblib Dask This image gives an overview of th

Gracias Tejones

Hace un mes ya que no trabajo en TheMotion. Es un buen momento entonces para hacer retrospectiva y dejar por escrito lo que ha significado este período para mi. Aclaro que en este post solo haré referencia al equipo de tecnología con lo cual cualquier halago, crítica o feedback presente hagásele corresponder a dicho equipo. Aclaro tambien que todo lo escrito está basado en mi visión y opinión personal. En el equipo de tecnología de TheMotion ( tech  o tech-honey-badgers team ) hemos pasado por varias etapas, buenas y no tan buenas, donde siempre ha prevalecido la transparencia, la calidad, la diversión y el trabajo en equipo. Son valores que destacan en este grupo incluso cuando hay un intento de desviar su atención hacia otros haceres que puedan derivar a otros valores ( positivos o negativos ), los valores mencionados emergen solos y de alguna manera indican el camino de hacer las cosas correctamente, muchas veces en formas totalmente opuestas a lo que otros sugieren. Tech