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TrustYou: A self-reflection and farewell letter

TrustYou: A self-reflection and farewell letter. April 30th was my last working day at TrustYou . It has been an amazing 6 year journey and I feel grateful for all the opportunities and growth. Working as engineer, manager and director building Reputation Management solutions for the Hospitality sector has been incredibly challenging and rewarding. I still remember when I joined with the purpose to co-create and stream-align the process to enable scale and grow, and we did it (at least in some parts and up to a certain degree). Everything boiled down to continuously contributing to the mission of “Making the Guest Happy” by building and evolving incredible reputation management products like: Meta-Review , TrustYou Analytics and CXP Platform . Products used by world-wide key companies in the hospitality industry like: Accor, B&B group, Google, Microsoft and Hotpepper, just to mention some. I feel honoured for having had the opportunity of leading and/or actively participating in: