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PyConES 2018

Last weekend (October 5-7) I attended, together with some colleagues from TrustYou , the PyConES conference in Málaga. Like in PyConES-2017 , this was an opportunity to meet again with the python community, meet new people and companies, meet with former colleagues and friends as well as browse the challenges they face. All this around a common denominator that in this case is Python. Some of the talks look interesting to me: Keynote by Héctor Socas Navarro Hector Socas is a physics at The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias(IAC) and he shows us some cutting edge challenges that Astrophysics is facing nowadays and how the technology is playing a key role in those. It was amazing to learn about the marvellous things about the Universe and see how Python is helping those things. Back to Basics: NLP by Claudia Guirao I especially liked this talk of the Data Science track because the speaker managed to explain the concepts using a friendly language so the